Internet Resources



These resources have been compiled using two criteria.  A significant number of these sites already have proved useful in practical ways to CHFA faculty involved in assessment.   For Section III, the criteria of selection has been to identify institutions that are strong in assessment and to observe what other universities these institutions as also strong in assessment.  While the list is probably not complete, it represents a fairly strong consensus on schools offering leadership in assessment who also have created a web-based presence for that leadership. 


I.  Best internet manuals on assessment


1) University of Massachusetts at Amherst program based assessment. 

This manual is a user-friendly guide to all phases of assessment at the program level.

2) University of Massachusetts at Amherst course based assessment. 

This manual is a user-friendly guide to assessment at the course levels.

3) Ball State University Assessment manual


II. Hands-on ideas for assessment


Below are sites that CHFA faculty have found helpful for assessment.


1) A rich set of PowerPoint presentations and handouts from four workshops by Linda Suskie (national expert on assessment) at the U. of Wyoming.  


2) North Carolina state maintains the mother lode of internet resources on assessment. Wander through this site to locate everything and anything you may want to know about assessment.


3) Texas A&M University also offers a clearinghouse of internet resources on academic assessment.


3) CHFA faculty have used Susan Wolcott's critical thinking materials in a CHFA workshop on critical thinking held in January 2006.   Susan Wolcott asks that faculty who wish to receive her very helpful handbooks on assessing critical thinking make an e-mail request through her website.  


4) The UNI Rod Library offers access through Wiley to Assessment Update, the premier newsletter on assessment.  Browse all current and past issues. 



1) Rubrics from the U. of Wisconsin- Stout. 

2) Jonathan Mueller offers an in-depth guide to rubrics

3) Susan Hatfield (Winona State University) has compiled a large set of rubrics.

See sites below for additional resources on rubrics.  


III.  Universities doing strong work in assessment

The sites below take you to Assessment web sites at schools that offer multiple resources for enhancing student learning on their sites.   These tend to be large sites with multiple pages.   Browse throughout the site to find information on specific program assessment and links to key resources.  Most of these sites also have rubrics for assessing various skills, knowledge, and habits of mind.   Click on each university to go directly to the assessment web site.

Bowling Green State University

Winona State University

California State University

Florida Atlantic University

Portland State University  

(This website enables you to browse the program reviews and yearly assessment reports of departments at a university that is considered a national leader in building a culture of learning grounded in assessment. Click on links to move deeply into the site, and look, in particular, for your departments). 

Northern Arizona University

Northern Illinois University

Eastern New Mexico University

Towson University

    Towson also has a readings (online and print) bibliography whose link to the main assessment site is uncertain.

Miami University   

University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana