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Click here:  Recommended Bibliography from the 2005 National Assessment Institute  

This is a master set of "must read" documents on assessment as of fall, 2005.  Books on this list that are available in Rod Library are identified by the Call Number at the end of each bibliographic entry.


Classroom Assessment:

Earl, Lorna M.  Assessment as Learning:  Using Classroom Assessment to Maximize Student Learning.  Thousand Oaks, CA:  Corwin Press, 2003.  LB3051.E19 2003


Rubric Creation:

Arter, Judith A.  Scoring Rubrics in the Classroom:  Using Performance Criteria for Assessing and Improving Student Performance.  Thousand Oaks, CA:  Corwin Press, 2001.  LC1034.A78 2001

Stevens, D. Dannelle and Antonia Levi.  Introduction to Rubrics.  Sterling, VA:  Stylus Press, 2005.


Direct Measures:

Generating Assignments for Student Outcomes Assessment.   This list by Linda Suskie can assist faculty in thinking of classroom activities that would lend themselves to SOA work. 


Graduate Outcomes Assessment:

Lovitts, Barbara E.  Making the Implicit Explicit:  Creating Performance Expectations for the Dissertation.  Stylus, 2007. 


Articles on National Testing:  

Trudy Banta has an important recent article, "A Warning on Measuring Learning Outcomes"  in Inside Higher Education on problematic features of national tests such as the CLA.   She is among our most knowledgeable national authorities on testing.