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Workshop Details:  In Fall, 2006 the CHFA SOA Committee offered “Graduate Student Outcomes Assessment:  A ‘Make it and Take It’ Workshop.”  The workshop was modeled on a very successful one that was held at Oklahoma State University.  Martie Reineke, Chair of the CHFA SOA Committee attended a replicate of this workshop presented by a team from the Graduate College at OSU at the Higher Learning Commission meeting in Spring 2005 and brought the model back to UNI because of its quality and helpfulness. 


Workshop Goal:  The goal of the workshop was for attendees from each CHFA graduate program to develop a graduate outcomes assessment process that they could take back to their departments after the workshop.  Graduate program faculty would be able to use this process to document graduate learning outcomes for the graduate curricular process, the yearly dean’s report, and academic program review.  The workshop familiarized attendees with current best practices in a) developing learning goals and outcomes for a graduate program, b) locating measures to document that learning, and c) identifying data collection methods.  In the spring, another “make it and take it” workshop on rubrics was offered.  Program faculty learned how to use rubrics to analyze the data they are collecting (See the Graduate Outcomes Rubrics Workshop link for the handouts from this workshop). 

 The PowerPoint presentation for this workshop is offered here.  There were no additional handouts for this workshop because all exercises are included directly on the PowerPoint:   Introduction to Graduate Outcomes Workshop PowerPoint Presentation.