SOA Workshops

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The CHFA SOA Committee hosted four workshops in 2006-7.  Please click on workshop titles for the 2006-07 Workshops to see each presentation/handouts:


I.   Introduction to Graduate Outcomes Assessment

The goal of this workshop was for attendees from each CHFA graduate program to develop a graduate outcomes assessment process that they could take back to their departments after the workshop. 


II.  Introduction to Rubrics

The goal of this workshop was for participants to develop a working vocabulary for rubrics, determine ways in which rubrics could  contribute to their courses and assessment efforts, identify parts of a rubric, and make a rubric.


III. Intermediate Rubrics

The goal of this workshop was to assist CHFA faculty in developing rubrics for program outcome assessment through “hands-on” activities using materials from CHFA programs.   Participants made rubrics, worked with supporting resources for rubrics development, and learned a technique for enhancing the scoring reliability of rubrics.

IV.  Graduate Outcomes Rubrics

The goal of this workshop was to enable faculty to learn how other faculty are using rubrics to facilitate improvements in graduate learning, examine rubrics used in graduate programs at other universities, and construct one or more rubrics for use in assessing and enhancing the quality of student work in graduate programs at UNI.