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“Make it and Take it:”  Rubrics for Graduate Outcomes Assessment


Spring 2007

Sponsored by the CHFA SOA Committee

Facilitator:  Martie Reineke




        Review graduate SOA process

        Learn how faculty are using rubrics to facilitate improvements in graduate learning. 

        Examine rubrics used in graduate programs at other universities.

        Construct one or more rubrics for use in assessing and enhancing the quality of student work in graduate programs at UNI.



Supporting Resources (click on each item for file):


1)     Click here for PowerPoint presentation on Graduate Outcomes Assessment


·        Rubrics Glossary

·        Sample template:  holistic and analytic rubrics

·        Enhancing the Reliability of Rubrics



2)     Five Stages to Making a Rubric – For MA programs:”  This step-by-step guide will enable you to move through the rubric-making process.



3)     Handout for assistance with selecting the vocabulary of your goals and outcomes:


·         “What do we mean when we ask that students “know the content?” (with verb chart)

·         “Key Characteristics of Student Assignments”



4)     Sample rubrics from graduate programs:


a)  oral presentation

b)  graduate thesis and oral presentation  from James Madison University

c)   comprehensive exam  (history, University of Kansas)

d)  comprehensive exam and thesis (Western Michigan University - history)

e)  comprehensive exam (English - Cal State Fullerton)

f)   multi-rubric thesis (Cal State San Marcos - for chapters, literature review, etc.)

g)  peer assessment rubric for thesis proposals (Cal State Long Beach)