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10 Best Practices:  

    The CHFA SOA Committee offers this list as a guide to CHFA departments.


Levels of Assessment

The CHFA Student Outcomes Assessment Process focuses on Program Assessment that will prepare CHFA for Institutional Assessment.  Assessment, however, is multi-dimensional.  Assessment processes in which faculty already engage (in the classroom and in their courses) link with the larger institutional assessment process.   This chart compares four levels of assessment.


Why Assess? 

Barbara Walvoord, a national authority on assessment, points out that faculty assess all the time in our classes and programs.  We are constantly considering what worked well and didnít work well in our courses.  We use these observations to make changes in our teaching and our curriculum.  Formal Student Outcomes Assessment (SOA) takes our informal activities and makes them more systematic and public.  A number of specific benefits for faculty and students result.


Uses of Assessment Results 

Assessment results are of most use when they are shared among faculty members and used as a tool for facilitating discussion about improving a curriculum or degree program.  This page lists multiple ways in which CHFA faculty may use SOA results.




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