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The CHFA SOA Committees report to the Dean of the College.  Minutes of the Committee meetings are included below. 


Members of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts Undergraduate Student Outcomes Assessment Committee include:


Art:  Richard Colburn; Phil Fass,


Communication Studies:  April Chatham-Carpenter; Laura Terlip


Communicative Disorders:  Lauren Nelson; Angela Burda


English:  Samuel Gladden; Ken Baughman


Modern Languages:  Gabriela Olivares-Cuhat; Deirdre Heistad


Music:  Alan Schmitz; Michelle Swanson


Philosophy and Religion:  Susan Hill; Rheza Lahroodi


Theatre:  Gretta Berghammer; Carol Colburn


Members of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts Graduate Student Outcomes Assessment Committee include:


Art:  Jean Petsch; Richard Colburn


Communication Studies:  Chris Martin; Cate Palszewski


Communicative Sciences and Disorders:  Ken Bleile; Todd Bohnenkamp


English:  Julie Husband; Vince Gotera


Modern Languages:  Juan Carlos Castillo; Anne Lair


Music:  Rebecca Burkhardt; Kevin Droe



Minutes of the CHFA SOA Committee

Minutes taken by Chair, Martie Reineke

    2004-2005 Year   2005-2006 Year  2006-2007 Year
 September     September 12   September 20
 October     October 3   October 11
 November   November 14   No meeting   workshop
 December   December 14   December 5  no meeting
 January   January 26   No meeting  no meeting
 February   February 28   February 7  workshops
 March   March 23   March 20  workshops
 April   No meeting   April 11& May 1  April 7
 May   May 4    


   2007-08 Year    
September  September 25    
October   October 19    
November   no minutes    
December   no minutes    
January   no meeting    
February   no minutes    
April   no minutes    
May   no minutes    





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